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Spring Jewelry Trends

In quarantine, many people have embraced comfort items like matching sweatsuits, patterned socks, and baseball caps — styles that used to be reserved for weekends at home now dominate our everyday. Good jewelry, though, has the unique power to enhance any outfit, even one that consists only of granny panties and an oversized crewneck. Putting on your éliou “Wash Your Hand” necklace, a few stackable gold huggies, and a pearl anklet is the easiest way to feel ready for your video conference call. 

Noura Sakkijha, the founder of jewelry start-up Mejuri, agrees. “In light of the current situation, customers are looking for pieces to brighten their outfits — and their days,” Sakkijha said. Rather than getting all dressed up, many customers are instead turning to jewelry. She continued, “Our community wants to experiment with their everyday looks while ensuring that the quality of these pieces are made to last forever,” something that’s increasingly important now that we spend so much time washing our hands and using chemical disinfectants

As for the specific jewelry trends that she’s backing for 2020, Sakkijha says that classic and minimal pieces are especially in demand right now, adding that her customers are layering and clashing multiple items. “Mixed metals — and experimentation in general — is definitely here to stay,” she says. “Silver and white gold offer a striking contrast to yellow gold, and can enhance any look.” 

Don’t worry, though, the colorful, mood-enhancing jewelry you fell hard for last summer will, indeed, come back in style. After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of light-hearted, kitschy fun to accessorize with right now? “On a personal level, I want color,” said co-founder of Miami-based jewelry brand éliou Cristy Mantilla. “We saw so much minimalism over the past few seasons, a style theme I've always appreciated deeply, but right now I think I need some life.” Mantilla believes that jewelry is essential right now. “With all of these rapid changes, people are focusing on comfort more than anything else, but jewelry is the last bit of normality that we have. Jewelry has invariably been our star act when getting dressed and this has not changed since the start of quarantine. It makes us feel like we're ‘dressed up’ without actually dressing up.


Refinery 29

Article by: ELIZA HUBER

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