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Can I Still Get Married in Colorado?

I don't know! I can make you and your partner gorgeous rings for your special day but how do you say "I do" in the new normal?

Let's ask an expert. Iver Marjerison is the Owner and Lead Planner at Colorado Micro Weddings. Here is what he has to say:

Getting Legally Married

If you’re having a full wedding, there are a lot of variables.

If you’re just curious about the legal act of getting married in Colorado, it’s as easy as this: get the marriage license, sign it, and file it!

Step 1 - Get Your Marriage License Go to a County Clerks office in Colorado on a weekday (no appointment necessary). You fill out some paperwork, they give you the license (within 20 minutes!).

Step 2 - Sign and Complete Your Marriage License This can be done with an officiant (such as a minister) or by the couple themselves. You do NOT need the signature of a wedding officiant, nor do you need any witnesses to sign.

Step 3 - File That Thang Bring it back in person to where you got it from, or mail it back!

Step 4 - Celebrate

Due to COVID-19 protocols, many Colorado County Clerk’s offices have changed their application process. However, the governor has required that all Clerks offer some way for couples to still obtain a marriage license. Some counties require that you set up an appointment online, or over the phone, others require that you submit your application online or by mail.

For example, in Larimer County you can do almost everything online. Once the online form is completed, the parties to the union or the marriage must finalize their application by visiting any of the Clerk and Recorder office locations listed below and presenting valid identification. It will also save time to bring the transaction number that you receive after the application has been submitted. How easy is that?


The Ceremony

This is like Black Friday shopping for weddings with many florists, caterers and venues receiving cancellations due to the pandemic. This isn't all bad news.

Last week, The Maven announced it would offer its Windsor event space free of charge to couples who have had to cancel or postpone their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic. Groups are limited to nine socially distanced people (the happy couple excepted, of course), who can decorate and use the 2,300-square feet of hardwood floors and exposed brick walls as they wish. The offer, which runs through Monday, June 15, does not require a hotel booking, catering reservation or business arrangement of any kind, Link said. He just wants people to use the space. Interested couples must RSVP to reserve a day and time by emailing or visiting

The restrictions are less daunting for outdoor receptions where people can socially distance.

Get creative!

Kelly Baug wrote a beautiful article about her pandemic marriage quoted in part here:

"I put on make-up for the first time since early March and we recruited a close friend to hold a phone to Zoom in our parents. Under an enormous coniferous tree in our rabbi’s front yard, with snowmelt still softening the ground, we signed the document that binds us in the eyes of the state and proclaimed how grateful we were that we haven’t gotten sick of each other in quarantine. 

We also laughed, and it was such a relief. 

Then, we drank two bottles of champagne on the grass and gloried in in-person conversation with each other and with two people (mostly at a socially appropriate distance, of course) for whom we have so much love and respect. 

Though we’re not considering this to be our “official” ceremony, it certainly had a spiritual element to it, which would never have happened if the coronavirus hadn’t redefined what togetherness means now and perhaps, forever."

To read the rest of Kelly's article please follow this link:

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