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Custom Design Jewelry Information
It all started as a love for metalsmithing and gems of all shapes and sizes.  Diamondpeak Goldsmiths uses both your creativity and that of the artist, that combined, results in one-of-a-kind pieces that fits your unique personal style.  Just a few of the state of the art tools and services that we like to brag about...

Cad Design

The Matrix design is an amazing tool that allows us to design jewelry using detailed renders that the program creates. Matrix allows us to communicate design before the piece is created. This tool allows us to work long distance with our customers because the customer has the design in front of them in a 3d format to use for their communication of their design ideas. Contact us for a consultation and find out what we can make for you. And remember, you will always work directly with your artist.

Laser Welder

Laser welding technology is one of the greatest advances in the jewelry business. The laser welder allows use to pin point welds as small as .10mm up to 3mm. The laser welder has given us the ability to execute antique repairs and restoration with great accuracy and minimizes damage to delicate and intricate pieces.


We are GIA certified in diamonds and colored stones. We have been able to use our passion for diamonds and colored stones and share our knowledge to our customers.

Master Goldsmith

With our 30 years of bench experience we have become accomplished stone setters. Forging metal is one of our favorite pass times. All work on site in our studio.

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